These are the best proteins muffins I ever tasted! Sooo good and super healthy. Thank you so much!


La famille au complet ADORE tes muffins !!! 😍😍 Même mon père qui est super difficile il peut pas arrêté d’en manger 😂


Thank god it’s guiltfree because you won’t eat just one for sure 😉

Fauve A-C.

These muffins are AMAZING!

They’re honestly better than ‘regular’ muffins, you can’t even tell that they don’t have any sugar! Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a healthy alternative a normal pastry (or anyone who just wants a really good tasting muffin 🤩

Amanda B.

« Guiltfree Bliss » is the perfect name for Hina’s creations. To say they’re delicious is understatement. My personal favorite, her protein muffins, are LOADED with flavour. ZERO nasty ingredients that means they’re the perfect food for athletes. A box of these little treasures is a PERFECT hostess gift or party offering, but they won’t.

Maureen L.

With Guiltfree Bliss, I realized that healthy muffins do not need to taste like cardboard. Healthy and delicious can definitely co-exist! It was love at first bite with these moist, flavourful pastries. Do your body and your taste buds a favour and try them for yourself!

Kristel Kabigting

Les muffins étaient géniaux, même que je les trouvaient plus savoureux que les muffins réguliers.

Eat Mealthy

Thank you thank you thank you 😍. J’ai goûté le banane coco ça goûte le ciel mon dieu c’est bon 🤤😍🤤🤤

Sami Jacob

Très bonnes pâtisseries à base de protéines, idéales pour une petite faim avant ou après une séance de sport!

Raiura Boyer

Those muffins are soooo good and believe me I am a mom and a good cook for a big family! Thank you!

Denyse Charlotte

J’adore, maintenant je ne peux plus m’en passer. Mon petit bonheur à tous les matins!

Isabelle Masse-Ouellette