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Our snacks are made without any white flour, without refined sugar and without butter. Note that some produits contains nut butter (almond, hazelnut or peanut butter). 

As mentioned in the bibliography, the idea for these healthy baked goods started with a weight loss resolution. It was therefore essential to find healthy alternatives to those sold on the market.

In addition, the harmful effects of white flour, refined sugar, and butter on health are well known ; overweight, diabetes, hypertension, chronic cardiovascular, coronary and renal disease, metabolic disturbance, inflammation, digestion problems, dental caries, cholesterol.

Guilfree Bliss therefore advocates the fact that there is absolutely no need to deprive yourself of the finer things in life to lose weight or just to stay healthy.

In our products (and depending on the flavors):

  • White flour is replaced by: oat flour, almond flour, coconut flour and protein (whey or isolate) with vanilla.
  • The sugar comes from: the fruits used in the recipes (bananas, raspberries, blueberries, apples, etc.), the icing/topping (honey, chocolate chips, maple, oreo, grated coconut, etc.) and the vanilla protein. Applicable for the brownies and cookies ONLY: note that for texture reasons, a minimal amount of coconut sugar is used. I personally chose this sugar because it represents the healthiest alternative for me: it has a low glycemic index (so it doesn’t cause a sudden rise or fall in glycemia, which helps avoid fatigue for example), and it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, unlike erythritol for example. 
  • The fat comes from: unsweetened applesauce, eggs, and nut butters/oils. 

Our baked goods are made with gluten-free ingredients. 

Although we do not manipulate any gluten in our kitchen, we are not officially certified gluten free.

Our baked goods are therefore only recommended for people who are gluten intolerant. They are not recommended for people with severe gluten allergies.

Baked goods are made with vanilla protein powder from Shop Santé:

  • The vanilla whey 
  • The vanilla isolat for the dairy free products

You can order for either Monday or Wednesday. 

  • To receive your order on Monday, it is important to place your order on our website before every Saturday noon
  • To receive your order on Wednesday, it is important to place your order on our website before every Monday noon
  • Monday & Wednesday: pick-up is at 1248 Avenue Hôtel de Ville, Montreal H2X0B2. After placing your order, you will be contacted to arrange a pick-up time. 

Delivery is available only for orders of $40 or more. Delivery is on Wednesdays only, at a cost of $12 to $15, depending on your location. Delivery is FREE if your order exceeds $75.

Deliveries are available in the following areas: 

  • Center: between Dorval and Anjou
  • West Island of Montreal: from Dorval to Senneville
  • East Island of Montreal: Anjou to Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles
  • South Shore: Boucherville – Longueuil – Saint-Hubert – Brossard – La Prairie – Candiac – Sainte-Catherine

Our baked goods doesn’t have any preservatives.

They can be preserved for 3-4 days in the refrigerator (and are much better when reheated for 30 seconds in the microwave or one minute in the oven).

They can also be frozen in an airtight box. When you want to eat one, simply put them in the microwave for 1 minute or leave them outside for an hour (except for the cheesecakes types of product, which are better eaten cold). 

Payments can be made by credit card or by interact transfer to info@guiltfreebliss.com. Please note that your order will be considered only when the interact transfer is received.