Originally from Tahiti, French Polynesia, Hinatea Lai arrived in Montreal in 2014 in order to pursue her studies. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology, and a master’s degree in public health, she has always viewed health as a top priority. Today, it is in this field of practice that she thrives fully in her daily life, and with those close to her. It all started in January 2019, when Hinatea decided to lose weight ; it is, let’s be honest, a resolution that almost none of us –or almost none- has escaped. It was therefore necessary to readjust her diet rather than reducing it, by making a more judicious choice of foods. But how do you indulge yourself while eating healthy foods ? How do you satisfy your cravings for sugar and fat ? And above all, how do you respect your daily calorie intake without depriving yourself of a good donut or muffin ? To achieve your goals and keep on eating while having fun, playing with foods and flavors in order to make a meal healthier has been an exciting and rewarding alternative. After months of research, personal studies on the subject, training, brainstorming with loved ones, countless trials and practice in the kitchen, Guiltfree Bliss was born ;

And YES, it is now possible to eat pastries without feeling guilty afterwards.

And YES, pastries are made flour free, added sugar free, butter and oil free.

Hinatea’s mission is to promote healthy eating and support people in their physical transformation process, by offering pastries high in protein and nutritional values. From now on, no need to deprive ourselves of what we like to eat the most !



Guiltfree Bliss peut être la meilleure alternative aux collations achetées au supermarché. Vous demanderez probablement...
Guiltfree Bliss peut être la meilleure alternative aux collations achetées au supermarché. Vous demanderez probablement... "Pourquoi" ? Les collations ou sucreries que nous achetons au supermarché sont généralement remplis de sucre raffiné, d'additifs, de colorants artificiels, d'huiles hydrogénées (gras trans), de farine blanche et plus encore... De plus, les effets néfastes de la farine blanche, du sucre, du beurre et de l’huile sur la santé sont bien connus; surpoids, diabète, hypertension, maladies cardio-vasculaires, coronariennes et rénales chroniques, perturbation du métabolisme, inflammation, problèmes de digestion, caries dentaires, cholestérol. Guiltfree Bliss prône donc le fait qu’il n’est absolument pas nécessaire de se priver des bonnes choses de la vie pour rester en bonne santé 🙏🍃🙌🏼 Merci à tous ceux qui nous supportent, qui croient en nous et en notre mission. Cela compte plus que tout pour nous 🧡 *** Guiltfree Bliss can be the best alternative to the brought store snacks. You may ask... "Why" ? The snacks or sweets we buy in supermarket are generally full of refined sugar, additives, artificial colors, hydrogenated oils (trans fat), white flour, and even more... In addition, the harmful effects of white flour, sugar, butter and oil on health are well known ; overweight, diabetes, hypertension, chronic cardiovascular, coronary and renal disease, metabolic disturbance, inflammation, digestion problems, dental caries, cholesterol. Guilfree Bliss therefore advocates the fact that there is absolutely no need to deprive yourself of the finer things in life to stay healthy 🙏🍃🙌🏼 Thank to all who support us and who believe in us and in our mission. This means the world to us 🧡 #beignes #donuts #doughnut #healthydonuts #healthydoughnut #sugarfree #butterfree #whiteflourfree #oilfree #sugarfreedoughtnut #proteindoughtnut #proteindonut #fitness #health #healthyfood #healthymuffins #proteinmuffins #healthysnacks